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Growing up in the south of France, I have many memories of my grandfather celebrating life with a bottle of wine. From an unannounced friend’s visit, to a family gathering, my grandpa would frequently pour a small glass for me to try. I, in turn, always found myself wondering what all the fuss was about, that grape juice for grown ups.

During my teenage years, wine was omnipresent at social gatherings, but I did not fully understand the complex philosophy behind this libation.

After my grandpa passed away, standing in his cellar and staring at each one of these bottles, I realized that they all seemed to have a story to tell. Some were covered with dust and I could barely read the label, some did not make it onto the racks and were still in boxes. Suddenly, I was taken back in time to these special moments that were celebrated around wine and I realized that, ‘this was not wine, it was life’! It is in that same spirit that our Wine list has been created, so you can celebrate life with the people you love.

"Santé, Pascal"

∗ Our corkage fee policy is $15 per bottle

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