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Almost every country has its own version of the crepe, but it was in France's Brittany region where the tools and techniques were created and perfected, which elevated the crepe to an art form. The philosophy of the menu at Creperie Saint Germain is a tribute to creperies found in Brittany, France. To this day, creperies still represent a vibrant element of our French culinary heritage, for which we have profound admiration. Our menu showcases fresh ingredients through simple, flavorful combinations. Our savory crepes are made of a blend of 100% organic buckwheat & wheat flours and our sweet crepes are made with 100% organic wheat flour.

The beverage list offers many ciders from around the world as well a beer selection focusing mainly on European beers. Moreover, we also feel strongly about supporting smaller, family owned wineries. These boutique vintners bottle with their souls, and are sure to give a unique experience with each bottle. By offering these exceptional wines, it is our intention to introduce a very special find to our guests.

We hope you enjoy the consumption as much as we enjoy the preparation in the kitchen and wish you all "Bon appétit"

We go great length to source the freshest ingredients. All our fish & seafood is wild caught only, we only serve certified Angus beef and all our flour is organic. The customer is usually right, If you don’t like something you shouldn’t pay for it ; talk to us, we listen. There is no need to order in French although we like well-traveled customers, beret is optional. Bread service is not offered in traditional Creperies. We take euros as form of payment (no change please)

NOTE: The Menu is subject to change on a weekly bases - Last updated 08/17/2017

Galettes De Sarrasin

Our savory crepes are made from a blend of 100% organic buckwheat & wheat flours . In the XIV century, crepes were known as Galette de Sarrasin. To this day, they still represent an important social aspect of the French gastronomy
Please note all our crepes and galettes can be accommodated for the gluten intolerant

Puriste 10 Add a fried egg 1
sliced French ham, aged Gruyère, classic mornay sauce

Coq au vin 12, Add a fried egg 1
farm raised Amish chicken braised in red Burgundy wine, bacon lardons,mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery

Crevettes 13
shrimp & Grits with bacon lardons, roasted red peppers, roasted corn, pickled fried green tomatoes

Provençale 10, Add a fried egg 1
ratatouille style vegetables, yellow squash, eggplant, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, crème fraiche, tomato coulis

Saumon 13
seared wild caught Atlantic salmon, farro risotto, tomatoes, spinach, shallot confit, sauce Soubisse

Forestiere 12, Add a fried egg 1
roasted Amish chicken, sautéed onions, baby spinach, mixed mushrooms,classic Mornay sauce

Steak & Crèpe 14 Add a fried egg 1
seared 4oz Angus skirt steak on top of a caramelized onion crepe with burgundy sauce

Vegetarienne 10 Add a fried egg 1
creamy risotto, butternut squash, dry cranberries

Les Crêpes

Au Sucre Crêpe 4
Sugar. (Served room temperature)

Nutella a la Banane 6
Nutella, whipped banana cream, Chantilly(Served room temperature)

Nutella a la Fraise 6
Nutella, strawberry compote, Chantilly(Served room temperature)

Fruits des Bois 7
Chilled creme patissiere, warm berry compote and mix berry coulis. (Served cold)

Citrouille 6.5
pumpkin cream, Chantilly, spiced caramel sauce Served cold

Crêpe Suzette 7.5
Caramelized citrus sugar and candied orange with Grand Marnier. Served warm

Normande Crêpe 6
Caramelized apple compote, cinnamon Chantilly and walnuts. Served warm

Marquis Crêpe 7
Dark chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries and white chocolate sauce. Served cold

Myrtille Crêpe 7
Layered mascarpone cheese, blueberries and mixed berry coulis. Served cold

Banane a la Creme Crêpe 6.5
Banana cream, banana and brandy caramel sauce. Served warm and cold

Fromage de Chevre Crêpe 6.5
Whipped goat cheese, sliced poached pear in red wine and local honey. Served cold

Creme brûlée 7
Egg custard, vanilla bean, caramelized sugar. Served cold...Please note this item is not served with a crepe

From Patisserie Coralie 2.90
Milk Chocolate Eiffel Tower lolly pops

Add a scoop of ice cream 1.50
French Vanilla
Salted Caramel


Milk Chocolate Eiffel Tower lolly pops 2.90
(from Patisserie Coralie)

Les Croques Sandwiches - served with choice of French fries or petite salad

Croque Madame 10
Toasted brioche bread, black forest ham, gruyere cheese, Mornay sauce, topped w/ fried egg

Croque Poulet 11
Toasted brioche bread, roasted Amish chicken breast, gruyere cheese, mixed mushrooms, baby spinach, classic Mornay sauce, topped w/ fried egg

Croque Champignon 10
Toasted brioche bread, mixed mushrooms, gruyere cheese, Mornay sauce, topped w/ fried egg

Croque Steak 14
Toasted brioche, seared 4oz. Angus sirloin steak,gruyere cheese, Mornay sauce, tooped with a fried egg

Les Omelletes

Omelette aux Champignons 9
3 egg omelet, mushrooms, gruyere 9

Omelette Provencale 8
3 egg omelet, Ratatouille style vegetables served with a petite salad