Our Sweet delites

Patisserie Coralie specializes in traditional French pastries such as eclairs, tarts, Napoleons, madeleines, and largest collection of French macarons on Chicago's North Shore.

All pastries are hand-crafted and made daily for on-premise consumption and take-out.


Ham & Cheese Croissant 4.90
Mornay sauce, croissant , Roased Ham

Vegetable Quiche 5.90
Tomatoes, mushroom, onion, Swiss cheese.


Prosciuto and Brie 6.5

Roasted HamSwiss cheese & Butter 6.5

Pesto roasted veggies 6

Avocado smoked salmon 6.90


Vanilla Marshmallowr 4.40

Chocolate marshmallow 4.40

Pate de Fruits 8.20
Mango-Passion fruit, Strawberry-Raspberry gluten free 6.20 (8 pieces)
(Fruit paste with a nice taste of real fruit puree. NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING)

Caramel spread 5.20
gluten free (little container)

Preserve strawberry-rhubarb, Peach-vanilla bean , Strawberry basil 6.20
gluten free


Lemon Pound Cake - Lime and yellow 13.50
Very moist pound cake Lime and yellow lemon zest

Chocolate hazelnut pound cake 13.50

Vanilla/ Lemon zest Madeleine 2.90 (2pcs)
Moist little cake with a little “head” on top. Taste butter and vanilla bean

Canele de Bordeaux 2.10 each
Crispy dough outside and very moist inside. Taste Vanilla, caramel and Rhum

Sable Breton 2.90 (2 pcs)
Crispy buttery sable

Mini Chocolate pound cake with Ginduja. $2.90


Check with us in store, this is a sample list of flavors $2 each (Gluten Free)
Pistachio, Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry basil, milk choc/passion fruit, raspberry, mojito, Peach/apricot saffron, Lavender, hazelnut, blueberry, Milk chocolate peanut, coconut milk choc, Rose , Peanut, orange blossom

(all the macaron are fill with a base of Ganache (cream + Chocolate) pure fruit puree for the fruits macarons.) NEVER artificial flavoring.

PATISSERIES (pastry logo non edible)

Pastries decorated with golden or silver leave 100%. (edible)

Coconut/mango-passion fruit Egg 6.80 (gluten free)
Mix with a aerial vanilla/coconut mousse, mango-passion fruit confit, moist lime zest cake and almond crispy dough

Tropezienne 6.70
Brioche, Light orange blossom syrup, Vanilla bean cream, Yellow and white peach confit. Pearl sugar.

Chocolate Eclair 6.40
Puff dough with dark chocolate cream 70%. From Dominican Republic, Chocolate sheet on top plus glaze.

Noix de pecan 6.80
Light milk chocolate cream, Moist chocolate Cake, crispy pecan crepe, Crispy chocolate sable

"Paris on my Lips" coup de coeur du Chef 6.80
Strawberry/ raspberry confit, moist lime zest cake, Green mint and lime zest light cream, coconut cookie at the bottom, spray with red Chocolate

Pomme verte 6.80 (Gluten free)
Tart dough, almond cream, vanilla bean light cream , green apple jelly, fresh green apple sliced.

The pink Chou 6.80 (Gluten free)
Crispy puff, Grapefruit and rose cream, Strawberry confit, Home made candied grapefruit .


Croissant (plain) 3.10
Pain chocolat 3.50
Cinnamon pain au raisin 3.50
Blueberry Roll 3.10
Almond croissant 3.80